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The Core Activities - The Different Forms of Moving Office

Not all office moves requests come in the same form or the same size. Package Care offers any four solutions to your moving office problems. The Quick Response Move
Occasionally clients are faced with the need to reposition a few items of furniture at very short notice - as a result, say, of an internal Health & Safety Inspection. Package Care provides office move teams for this type of work. All you have to do is contact the office, and a member of the operations staff will arrange for a quick response team to tackle your moving office problem.
The Small Office Move
Not all office moves are large and complex but even the small office move requires thought and planning. Contact Package Care's office and they will quickly put together a plan and quote for your work. Once you approve their response will be such that they will be in a position to tackle your job within 2 to 3 weeks.
Major Office Moves
Office moves of up to 100 staff with their furniture being moved within or between buildings usually requires consideration to be given to a number of alternative solutions. Package Care are skilled at looking at different moving office approaches, costing these together with the client selecting the preferred option.
Why Not Just Hire Men?
Ever been faced with that move when the time taken to document the many different furniture transfers seems more complex than the move itself? In this case why not hire a team of skilled men with appropriate equipment to do the work under your guidance. The team leader will ensure the work is done safely - you just tell him what has to be done. In this case you merely pay for the time the men are on site.

The Support Activities

In addition to the moving office part of the business Package Care provide a whole range of support services. These can be used alongside the 'Office Moving Options' above or as 'Stand Alone' services in their own right.
Storage Crate Hire
For hire a range of different sizes of storage crate - with or without lids, for files, books, etc or for IT Kit.
For sale, sturdy flat pack new cardboard boxes - ideal for long term storage crate requirements.
We would be happy to discuss all your storage crate requirements with you.
Packing/ Unpacking of Files/ Patient Records.
Package Care can offer to its customers teams skilled in the careful packing/ unpacking of files etc. A number of government agencies have recently use this service on confidential records with complete satisfaction.
Library Moves
From packing books into crates to moving and re erecting shelves Package Care has successfully completed a large number of library moves. Again this can be done entirely by Package Care or can be done in partnership with the clients resources.
Offsite Storage
Due to the amount of work Package Care handles in this area they have been able to negotiate competitive deals for storage in Self Store Units (SSU) throughout the North West. Package Care provides the resource to collect furniture and put it into store, will negotiate the fee for storage with SSU and then collect and return the stock at the end of the store period. These SSU offer good quality, clean secure units with insurance all at modest cost.
Sometimes the most important offering an office moving company can give its customers is advice. For after all the moves company see many different jobs in a week - unlike the customer.
The senior staff at Package Care have been in the moving office business for many years. They are familiar with the different methods of planning, different approaches to tackling moves and from this can offer the client a number of options to consider. In addition, together with the client they will take each of the possible options and evaluate them on timing, downtime to the customer, cost etc. With the cost of downtime to a customers business potentially being large it is not always the least cost moving office option which provides the best overall solution.
Package Care Moving Office
Package Care Moving Office
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