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Commercial removals for your business move  
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Package Care

What they do and the way that they do it - commercial removal

Package Care takes the strain out of commercial removal from the very first meeting through to our 'post move walk through' they will take care of everything, leaving you to concentrate on running your own business.

Their unique commercial removal service includes cleaning up and vacuuming at the end of every job (see the No Foot Print Policy), their team members all carry photo ID and are smartly presented, helpful, courteous and flexible.

Package Care is only involved in office moves (commercial removal) and does not use agency personnel, therefore all their staff are highly trained, knowledgeable, professional specialists who care about their work and ensure that customers are completely satisfied before they leave site.

Package Care customers are offered a number of alternative approaches to their move so that they can choose one which best suits their business and this can then be planned and costed accordingly.

Package Care can operate an 'across the board' charge for labour which means that the charge remains the same irrespective of the time of day the work is done - even evenings or weekends and the quote will be valid even if you change the time when the work is to be done.

All quotes are broken down into the component parts of labour, van use, waste disposal cost, crate hire etc. and every part of the quote is detailed and fully transparent.

No Foot Print Policy

After moves by some Package Care competitors, there are often complaints from customers about floors in the area of the move being covered with confetti hole-punch paper, paper clips and other bits of debris. This is never the case after a commercial removal by Package Care. As the name suggests, they take extra care to ensure that the spread of debris is avoided and they undertake a thorough clean up at the end of every move. The Team Leader will not consider the move complete until he has inspected the site for cleanliness ensuring that when staff arrive for work on the first day after the move, they notice only the new layout of furniture and not the mess left behind.

The Customer Base

Package Care operates throughout the North West of England and has a customer base ranging from small companies with a one off need for a commercial removal through to major enterprises and government agencies with regular moving requirements. The work can vary from a simple move within a room, transfer between floors through to a commercial removal between buildings. Package Care often works alongside construction teams and therefore on designated construction sites. For this they satisfy construction requirements for first aiders, for the wearing of appropriate workwear and the issue of Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

The Method

Package Care operates within a fully defined Health & Safety Policy which is reviewed annually by an external agency. The company holds monthly safety meetings chaired by the Managing Director and is proud of its safety record.

All waste for disposal from clients is handled according Package Care's Waste and Environmental Policy. Package Care has a Waste Carriers Licence and is thus able to collect waste (surplus furniture etc) from customers' sites as part of their office moves activities and dispose of this waste in an agreed and acceptable manner.

Package Care has in place an Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policy. It is committed to promote equal opportunity in employment, regardless of sex, marital status, creed, disability, colour, race, age or ethnic origin.

Package Care Commercial Removal
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